Dove Hamsa Hand with a Stand

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Smile the Evil Eye away with happily colored fingers of this cheerful Hamsa, the healing rays of the sun, the dove of peace carrying the Star of David on its back with a multicolored olive branch all on a light blue stand, to be placed wherever it takes your fancy. Tzuki Art entertains. He succeeds in making people smile and bringing humour to the most serious topics and religious items.

With the growing interest in Kabbalah and its mystical world, the Hamsa Hand motif has entered the field of Jewelry accessories. Hamsa is a popular motif in Kabbalah jewelry which often draws on symbols that are believed to fight off negative energies. The famous phrase "evil eye" refers to such beliefs, for example, that any envious stares, whether intentional or not may bring about bad luck and misfortune.
The Kabbalah discusses lengthily the possible destructive affects of the Evil Eye, and how it may become an obstacle from realizing out dreams and wishes. Kabbalah uses a red string to fight the evil eye. Hamsa hand is another example of a Jewish talisman that works against the Evil Eye.

Note: Each item is hand painted so some color shades may vary.

Materials: metal
Height: 9 inches (23 cm)
Length: 6.3 inches (16 cm)

How it is made?
Formed from cold rolled steel, recycled metal, which has been laser cut, galvanized, spray and hand painted.
Each artwork has a serial number, comes with a certificate and signature.

Tzuki's work is sold to galleries, museum shops and boutiques all over Israel and around the world.

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