Raphael Abacesis

Raphael Abecassis was born in 1953 in Marrakech, Morocco. He immigrated to Israel with his family in 1957. Abecassis acquired his education in the south region of the country at the College of Education in Be’er Sheva, where he lives and creates his art to this day. The infrastructure of Raphael Abecassis’ entire oeuvre is based upon personal stories and traditional Jewish tales about the culture and religion of the Jewish people; a combination unique to artists from his generation, who immigrated to this land soon after the emancipation. From biblical stories to modern Jewish holidays, Abecassis’ work is a synthesis of the natural and the mystical, the traditional and the modern, the decorative and the mysterious. Beyond the traditional use of oil paint, he uses of unique materials along with scrolls and quotes related to the Jewish heritage. His creations are capricious but harmonious. Abecassis’ art has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the country, the US, Europe and Canada, and his iconic works are a modern tribute to Jewish history and a magnet for Jewish art collectors and fans around the world.

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