Rachel Ehrenhalt

Rachel Ehrenhalt is a promising plastic arts graduate from the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. She is quickly emerging as one of the young new talents in the Israeli art scene. Ehrenhalt uses mainly oil and acrylic paint applied to extra large canvases. The series she presented for her final project at the Bezalel graduate exhibition, which is also the series she’s most identified with, depicts enormous, colorful female characters. Rachel Ehrenhalt draws topics for her art mostly from her memories. In this series, she reminisces on women’s dressing rooms from her infant self’s point of view: a clothing store’s dresser or the locker rooms of the public pool. The walls in the locker rooms are usually covered with mirrors and strong white lighting, so she remembers the women as fields of bright patches of color against a white background. The mirrors duplicate the figures, as does Ehrenhalt. When she paints her memory of the female figures and their duplicates, she repeats the duplication. Now, as paintings, they cease to be private occurrences and become a spectacle. Ehrenhalt’s artworks manage to arouse the curiosity of both the eye and the mind.