Pixel x Koko

What's the connection between building bricks and art? Pixel! How does it work? Basically, we take a picture and turn it into a set of larger pixels. Then, we attribute a basic color to each of these pixels. Finally, we print you a roadmap and deliver you building plates according to the size of the picture as well as the sets of building bricks matching the colors of the pixels. Once you get it, the fun part starts: you get to build your own piece of art!

If you follow us, you might be familiar with the art of French duo KOKO. You know those colorful metal (wall) sculptures inspired by minimalism and pop culture, that instantly bring you in a good mood. So now figure this: we turned an exclusive set of their work into Pixel art! So you get to be a KOKO-member for a day, putting your wall art together.

All in one we offer you the ultimate family activity! But... if you want to keep it to yourself, we won't say anything to the kids.

*For custom made pixel images - contact us!

So what are you waiting for? Build your own art!

- Do It Yourself -