Nissim Ben Aderet

Nissim Ben Aderet (1970) is known as an Action Painter. That is, a painter who uses painting as a method of moving the body in a repetitive manner until liberation from the minds’ constraints. The purpose behind this method is to detach the rational to the point of releasing the dogmas of reason; the product is an abstract image, full of layers and frantic diagrams. The Action Painting technique is indeed a matter of chaos but with Nissim Ben Aderet also finds some consistency to it; Ben Aderet’s artworks are always made in black lines on a white format.
He points out that the use of colors with sharp contrast such as black and white is also didactic, and what lies behind it is his attempt to reduce the line that is the result of the movement. In other words, when all the lines of the same color can not be seen which of them was produced by some movement, it is impossible to distinguish or to connect between the layers and the different stages of creation. This contributes to the general disorientation he tries to infuse.