Leo Ray

Leo Ray is an Israeli painter, illustrator, graphic artist, and calligrapher. He was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, and was drawn to the arts from his early childhood. Before immigrating to Israel in 1991, Ray had attended a high school for the arts, followed by the Vilnius Academy of Arts. He draws inspiration for his work from historical events, literature, and from everyday moments. He combines these elements and creates an eye-catching collage. Most of Ray’s works are left untitled because color and shape are those which rule his kingdom and are the ones assigned to tell the story. He paints the colors and shapes on the format, usually large scale, in a free form that is not committed to any particular genre. He mixes different painting traditions and artistic elements; abstract, figurative, calligraphy, illustrations, and traditional oil painting. The product of these various styles and visual languages combined together radiate color and ooze soul, capturing the hearts of his audience.