Giorgio Sanrocco

Giorgio Sanrocco was born in Italy, Matera, 7 December 1985.

During the third year of studies he was fascinated by German Expressionism; her favourite artists are: Otto Dix and Kokoschka. His attention then shifts to Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Giorgio De Chirico and Salvador Dalì, while continuing to be interested in the meanings of the German Expressionism.

He starts producing his first work during his third years of studies , at age 19.

Various family problems, existential and religious identity will influence his art, as well as various philosophical and psychological and theological readings.

Thanks to these sources, Sanrocco will devote with increasing awareness of the expression of the inner hardships that afflict modern man.

During his artistic growth creates and develops the “Deprospettiva” wherein the optical cone is upside down and the vanishing points are positioned below instead of the top.

Some features that we find in his paintings until 2008, are:

- Hands stretched : unwell symptom;

- Flat bodies without legs and twisted arms: symptom of an absence of soul and empty personality;

- Open skullcap or faces without facial features: symptom of a mass standardization and lack of rationality and spirituality.

His spiritual quest forces him to live different life crises, bringing it to an artistic block that will last several years. Until he discovers he has Jewish roots then returns with a technique and new style, based on surrealism, more positive and less suffering.

His interest in Judaism is getting stronger and he begins in 2015 with a series of sketches, who will see their achievement once he transferred to Israel.

In his new works are not lacking dramatic elements related to Jewish history to bring the human race to reflection.

He continued to paint faces with no facial features but with a different meaning: this time the characters have a personality as understood by some elements (Tzitiot; Tallit, Payot; Barba; Tefillin.), but his characters do not represent a single individual, but an entire people, hence its choice to continue with no facial features.

In Israel he meets the famous Comics cartoonist Eddy Barrows. Giorgio and Eddy become friends and exchange their works.