Gil Goren

Gil Goren, an Israeli artist born in 1960, burst into the world of contemporary art in Israel in recent years. Goren had studied Visual Arts & Design for four years at the Wizo Academy in Haifa, but later had pursued a career in advertising and copywriting which lasted about two decades. At one point, Goren reignited his connection to art through his acquaintance with Andy Warhol and his artistic entourage. His past experience with advertising messages, typography, colors, layout, and the rich, constant movement of the urban cityscape, eventually all came together when he developed his own artistic process that resulted in the art of Gil Goren.

Goren’s technique combines photography and pasting. Using a photographic medium, he documents a variety of seemingly random things he calls “the transparent objects,” which he explains are the things that the ordinary person walking down the street would not attach any importance to, but which actually make up the landscape in which we live. He then crops the photos to his own liking, and glues them on small squares on wooden boards of varying sizes. Goren has also created three-dimensional works using this technique, by making some of the wooden squares protrude out from the surface of the board. He sees his art as a sequence of cultural icons grouped together under one format; internal or external, two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Goren also works as a gallery artist and as a street artist in galleries around the world, from cities like Manhattan to Hong Kong.