Eitan Fried

Eitan Fried was born in 1953 in Holon. In 1968 he began his studies at the Avni Art Institute in Ramat Gan where he studied with Aharon Giladi. He then studied for several more years in Lev Steiman's studio.

The following years, Eitan continued to devote more studies abroad to some of the leading painters in the field at that time.

He studied in Reichenhall Austria under the guidance of Wolf - Gang Mena, for about three years at the Fine Art School of Art under the direction of Ernst Fox.

Over the following years, Eitan has exhibited his works in numerous exhibitions in Israel and around the world.

He represented Israel in the "750 Years of Berlin City" exhibition, the "Art 90" exhibition in London and in dozens of exhibitions in New York and Israel.

Ethan specializes in styles of realism, symbolic realism, fantasy and surrealism.
His work is done with tampere oil and colored pencils.