The art of designing your interior

The art of designing your interior

Interior design and art have always been tangent areas. Both fields require open-mindedness, creativity, and thinking outside of the box. So… what exactly is the difference between art and design? Is one part of the other? Does one rely on the other? The answers and interpretations are incommensurable. So let’s not get too deep into that. What’s more interesting is to discuss where those two disciplines actually converge.

One of the main meeting points is perhaps the most familiar one: our homes. Whatever the size of the household, whatever the socio-demographic background of the owner or tenant, every interior is a subtle (or not) application of interior design. Indeed, interior design, in general, is defined as “ the act of carefully choosing the products, styles, materials, fabrics, and colors that will be used to decorate a room”. And the vast majority of people have pictures hanging on their walls and ornament on their furniture - it does not matter if those are valuable artworks or just prints and trinkets that we love - that serve the home atmosphere we want to create.

Many people hesitate in choosing art that will enter the house. There’s no reason for that. Remember that the home is yours - you live in it and you and only as the occupants should feel comfortable in it. So if you do not practice art or interior as a profession - buy only what will make you feel good every time you will get up in the morning.




Though, here are some “professional” tips to help you choose a piece for your interior:

  • Trust your first impression. Sometimes, something can catch your attention at a glance. Take art fairs or exhibitions for example. Various galleries load many works on one wall. In such a situation pay attention to where your eye stops and ask yourself why. Usually, the answer to this question will be a description or characteristics of what you like or what you’re looking for in art.
  • Balance. When you are home, look around and try to determine whether the house is colorful or monochromatic, calm or vibrant, so that you may understand what would balance. A splash of (matching) colors or something that would fulfill a feeling of serenity. Our home reflects us, what kind of person we are, what we like, or what we’re looking for. The home is our anchor and the anchor needs to be balanced for us. This thought can help in understanding what the wall in the house is asking for.



  • Home design changes, Art stays. Our home is dynamic and changing with us at every stage of our life. The home of a young couple will not look the same as the home of a family with 3 children. The requirements change and so does the design. Same goes when the kids grow up or leave the nest. Quite a few people also move apartments several times in their lives. The furniture, the equipment, and the colors of the wall change along with the members of the household and their needs. Art does not. Your need for it supposedly does not change and it does not wear out. From the moment it is acquired, it is yours and, if you chose it with your heart, it will accompany you through all the stages of your life, gaining emotional value along the way.
  • Size does matter. Yes, I just said that art is “for life”... However, in practice art should, literally, fit into your home. If your house is large - you must understand this and aim for art that is appropriate in terms of proportions. If you live in a small apartment, some stuff are out of reach, even if you like them. You should choose art that suits the walls and dimensions of your house. Otherwise, art can lose some of its beauty.



  • Expand your knowledge. There are tons of artists. Local and international ones. Young and experienced ones. Digital artists and painters. There is really something for everyone out there. If you are looking to purchase some art for your home, look around, check out a lot of different stuff. Art can be anywhere: on the Internet, in museums, at exhibitions, in galleries, at private sales of artists, at auctions,... Search and explore all the options until you find what you are looking for. The possibilities, today, are almost unlimited. There are great artists from abroad that can offer you works at an affordable price. The upcoming graduation exhibitions will feature young talented artists who are eager to sell their works. The more art you see, the more accurate your choice will be. Besides, the works you will see along the way, will also simply enrich you and bring you joy. 


Long story short, there are lots of good options out there, suiting a wide range of tastes, atmospheres, and house-sizes. The most important tip I hope you have taken with you is that the choice is yours and yours only. If you follow your heart, art can turn any apartment into a home.